Diabetes home remidies

According to data released by the World Health Organization (WHO), there are currently 122.2 million people worldwide with diabetes. According to data released by WHO, more people die of HIV or cancer each year than diabetes. Although hypertension , like diabetes, is a common problem, it can sometimes lead to death! Hypertension mute our body. If you do not take timely measures, the disease can be fatal! It is very easy to control high blood pressure, hypertension and even diabetes. This requires only two homemade breads! Can't believe it! Find out what nutritionists are saying about this

home made rooti diabetes

Not wanting to eat so much food at night? Nutritionists say, do not sleep or eat. Even if you do not want to eat, at least one of the legs, if possible, keep two homemade bread. The habit of eating homemade bread at night is extremely healthy! At least that's what nutritionist Dr. Priyanka  Rohtagir did. According to him, those who have hypertension problems, if they can eat at least two homemade bread for ten minutes at night and soak in milk, then the problem of hypertension will come under control quickly.

Dr Rohtagi said, not only the problem of high blood pressure, but also eating two homemade bread with one glass of cold milk, the digestive problems like stomach upset, acidity, indigestion will quickly come under control. In the case of diabetes, eating bread in such a way is beneficial.

In a word, if the bread is stale, do not throw it away. One day old bread also has multiple health qualities! According to nutritionists, the problem of digestion from hypertension is the useless toast!

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