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If you ever think about very simple and delicious healthy food then Raw or Green Banana Fry is one of the best item. We every body knows about banana benefits. And it is very simple recipe to and also good for your health and your other family members health. This is a veg item, no onion and garlic are required here.

Preparation Tips:


- Few unripe banana
- Oil
- Turmeric Power
- Black cumin
- Few salt


1. At first wash the raw or green bananas in fresh water. Then pill the bananas and cut in to small small round pieces. 

2. Give some turmeric power and black cumin seeds in to it. Mixed them.

3. Take the fry pan and give some olive oil or mustered oil.

4. Fry the bananas until it turn it to golden brown or brown color.

5. If so then your banana fry is ready to serve.

6. Serve it with hot rice and hot samber (Dal).

It is very testy, delicious and flavored.

The best things is it took time around 15-20 minutes to make it fully prepared.

green banana fry

Hope it will helps you a lot to make such a beautiful crispy vegetable dish.

Thanks for watching. Have a nice day.

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