Bears bile for useful drugs for corona treatment! The claim is from Chinese researchers!!

Bears bile for useful drugs for corona treatment! The claim is from Chinese researchers!!

Researchers in China's herbal medicine department claim that corona can be cured by bear's bile!
Corona virus has spread worldwide. The number of victims is increasing. Almost every countries in the world are fighting against the corona virus. Lockdown is now underway in hundreds of countries around the world.

However, most alarmingly, no vaccine or drug has been discovered for the virus. Scientists are still conducting research on this topic. Doctors in many countries around the world are conducting alternative treatments for malaria and HIV. Worries continue to rise.

corona virus medicine invented

In this situation, researchers in China's herbal medicine have got useful drugs to treat coronavirus! They claim that with the bile of the bear it is possible to cure the corona virus infection. They do not use this method to get medical treatment or get government clearance.
It has been reported that the history of the use of bear's bile in medicine is almost a thousand years old. The bile is collected by placing the catheter of the bear's body. Then the medicine is made from this gall.

China's medical treatment has already begun much to the world physician-researcher. Scientists say that the Ursodial named compound found in bear's bile can also cured sexual disease dead cells in some cases, that's right. But scientists are still doubtful about how effective this Ursodial compound is in the treatment of coronavirus!

According to experts, the use of bear's bile in treating corona virus in China is increasing the risk of indirect wildlife smuggling. So, naturally, the news of environmentalist’s skulls has collapsed.
In China, the practice of eating meat from hundreds of species of wildlife has facilitated the illegal trade of poachers around the world. Recently, though the business was a bit lacking in the wake of the Corona panic, the Chinese herbal treatment system is proving to be the backbone of wildlife smuggling and the illegal businesses involved.

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