Alcohol consuming protect you from Coronavirus?

Alcohol consuming protect you from Coronavirus?

There are many ideas and opinions spread across the net world. For example, many people believe that coronavirus can spread from chicken. Somewhere again, it has been claimed that consuming alcohol can prevent coronavirus infection. That is, drinking coronavirus can be cured or not!

Alcohol consuming protect you from Coronavirus?

Consuming alcohol does not prevent COVID-19

Coronavirus does not protect, not only in alcohol drinking, but also in alcohol sprinkling on the body. Strangely many people have begun to believe this theory. However, there is no proper scientific caution! So in the end, the WHO (World Health Organization) points out that the idea that alcohol consumption can prevent coronavirus infection is completely wrong. Once the virus enters the body, there will be no effect on drinking or spilling alcohol. Not only that, drinking is not helpful in preventing coronavirus infection.

So how is it possible to prevent coronavirus infection?

In this case, experts recommend that you wash your hands for at least 20 seconds. Do not touch hands unnecessarily in eyes, mouth or nose. When sick, try to stay home and follow the doctor's advice. Use a tissue instead of a handkerchief for coughs or colds. Try to keep yourself clean all the time. Use appropriate masks. Cleaning hands with hand sanitizer, which contains more than 5 percent alcohol, kills germs. As a result, it is best to use hand sanitizer. Alcohol and chlorine can be used to clean hands. All in all, be advised by a specialist physician to be healthy with proper caution.

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