Is Alexa is a Super Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) machine?

Now we live in a technology advanced world. We use artificial intelligence machines for almost everything from small to large. Artificial intelligence technology is also being used in the mobile phones we use nowadays.

Now we may be wondering that the use of this excessive artificial intelligence technology will human life face a new challenge?

Now many of us know about Alexa or Amazon Alexa. We may all see Alexa commercials advertisement on TV now. Actually Alexa is a virtual assistant Artificial Intelligence Technology developed by Amazon. It is an echo smart speakers. Alexa works as a voice recognition. So whatever we say, the Alexa AI will work as per our instructions. 

Alexa  Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) machine

For example, if someone has to make a phone call or if it is connected with the security control zone of our house, then it will work according as per our instructions. Such as opening and closing the door of the house, turning on or off the selected music in a certain place, etc. will work according to our instructions.

But the most dangerous stage of this device is that it can record everything we say in our house. A few days ago, Alexa recorded a conversation in the house and sent the conversation to some unknown person, and also to another device that was fitted with his own device. That is why he has started working on his own.

Alexa  Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) machine

It is also heard that this Alexa intelligence device sometimes starts laughing at itself without any instructions. Now imagine it may seem normal during the day, but what if Alexa suddenly starts laughing in the middle of the night?  So has Alexa learned to develop its own program? Does this mean that the Alexa AI machine is going to be transformed into a super intelligent artificial machine? This is a big question for us.

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