Super Artificial intelligence is our future

Artificial intelligence is associated with our lives. Now Artificial Intelligence is in our smartphones. Now we can direct the phone through voice. And as such, the phone can do what we need it to do. Websites like Amazon, Flipkart now talk and order the necessary things. And all of these websites can recommend things we need through artificial intelligence. In this way, artificial intelligence is going to be applied in many more places in the future.

All the work that people are doing now, in the future intelligent machines will be able to do all the work much easily. And the use of this artificial intelligence is expected to change the way people’s daily earning in the near future.

artificial intelligence

As of now we don’t all know about the mechanics inside our mobile phones. But we know very well when and how to use our mobile phones. In the same way we will learn in the future how we will use artificial intelligence machines and how to make our much needed work much easier using artificial intelligence machines and we will make our daily and life improvement paths more successful.

What is Artificial Intelligence (A.I):

Artificial intelligence is a computer program where the computer learns by itself through machine learning and can do all the work correctly and diagnose if necessary because machine learning collects data very quickly and diagnoses through processing power and can do all the work easily.

The author Pedro Domingos of his book Master Algorithms states that instructions are given in general computer programming and algorithms, and that the computer analyzes these data and algorithms to provide results. But in Machine Learning data and results are impute. And Artificial intelligence computer can make its own algorithm.

How we make Artificial Intelligence Machine (A.I)

For example, a large number of X-ray plate images of the lungs are imported into an artificial intelligence computer, and the artificial intelligence computer is asked to analyze which of these x-ray plates contain cancer germs and which X-ray plates are not have cancer germs. Then the artificial intelligence computer starts analyzing the data on its own and gradually learns how to analyze the data on its own. If Artificial Intelligence makes a mistake in input data analysis, then re-analyzes and programs are imported into the Artificial Intelligence Machine. And that process is repeated. In this way, the artificial intelligence computer learns the process of collecting cancer germs by repeating the same task over and over again and can easily make an accurate diagnosis at once. Artificial intelligence collects this data from the computer and analyzes it by itself which is called machine learning.

Professor Domengos said that there are different types of machine learning. Some scientists have created programs in Logic Based artificial intelligence. In this method Basic Facts are input in to the Computer and Artificial Intelligence provide the output in by the method of General Principal. Use this method in medical science to find new drugs. And a group of scientists think that the way the human brain works and the way people transmit through their sensory organs and create a pattern in the brain can recall old memories, in the same way that the process of using this information input through artificial intelligence machines leads to success.

We have already used Artificial Intelligence (A.I):

This process of artificial intelligence is called Deep Learning. A process called Artificial Intelligence has been started on Facebook using this method where the Identified of Human Images was used to analyze the artificial intelligence on Facebook through the Deep Face Learning process. Facebook inputted about 4 million digital images to analyze the process through artificial intelligence Deep Face Learning. In Artificial intelligence technology data input, data collection, processing and calculation, prior probability and data alteration and performances changes process can be done. This process is used to automatically driverless cars and span filtering in email.

face reading

Artificial intelligence machines have another meaning or are programmed on Reasoning by Analogy. Where the Artificial Intelligence Computer Nearest Neighbour Algorithm theory has been used. Where when we search something on Amazon, Amazon shows us a list of If You Like This you may also like. In practical Amazon is used here Nearest Neighbour Algorithm theory.

Difference Between Super Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence are of two types.

      1.       Week  or narrow Artificial Intelligence
      2.       Strong Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) or Artificial General Intelligence

     1.       Week  or narrow Artificial Intelligence

In this case system that can solve specific reasonably well defined problems
 In the year 1997, IBM developed an artificial intelligence computer called Deep Blue Computer. This artificial intelligence computer defeat the world best chess champion Garry Kasparoe.

In the year 2011 IBM developed an Artificial Intelligence computer named Watson. This AI computer win a quiz competition named Jeopardy broadcasted by American Television.

In the year 2016 ALPHAGO developed. It was an Artificial Intelligence computer. This AI computer used as a spam filter and if you like this you may also like and this is an example of week and narrow Artificial Intelligence computer.

    2.       Strong AI or Artificial General Intelligence Computer

All these artificial intelligence computers will be able to do all the work with human intelligence and judgement. However, it has not yet been possible to fully develop such an artificial intelligence computer. Still it seems imaginary. All of these will work on Strong Artificial Intelligence Machine Improvement. An artificial intelligence computer is a computer that can see, move, and judge with human intelligence.

Super Artificial Intelligence (A.I. ) Machine in Future:

Some scientists believe that the time will come when the brains of artificial intelligence machines will be much more advanced than the human brains. This process is called singularity. The time will come when artificial intelligence machines themselves will be able to create more advanced artificial intelligence machines. Which will call Artificial Super Intelligence.

super artificial intelligence machine

It is unknown at this time that when this time will come or whether will not come.

Some prominent people like Bill Gates, Stephen Hawkins, Elon Musk have said that from now on we should think about the application of artificial intelligence and protection from them. Because the people who make all these artificial intelligence machines may not be able to control the artificial intelligence machine properly in the future. And all these artificial intelligence machines are called super artificial intelligence (SAI) machines. Some scientists say that artificial intelligence may be the cause of the destruction of mankind in the future.
We may not know if the super artificial intelligence machine will destroy the human race. But it is true that in near future Narrow Artificial Intelligence machine itself will most likely transform the socio economic contours.

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