Do you know Popular Silver Screen faces are actually an A.I. machine?

We now live in a world of technology-advanced artificial intelligence. Much of what we see around us now is part of the world of artificial intelligence. Isn't it surprising to think?
I was also surprised. Let's take a look at the pictures of popular Hollywood actors and actresses below.

fake faces are AI machine
Fake Faces
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When you look at this picture above, tell me which of them you have seen in the real world or on the TV screen. What are you thinking? No, you haven't seen them. Because they were not born.

Of course you have seen them on the silver screen. And each of them created them through a computer program and all they are an ArtificialIntelligence Machine.

The number of these artificial intelligence machines is about a few million. All of them have been made by a graphic designing company called NVIDIA. NVIDIA is a graphic designing company. They mainly makes graphics cards. Many of us may have put NVIDIA Company's graphics card in our computer.


A few days ago a website became very popular. The name of the website was Image Generator. Which was made by NVIDIA Company. Anything on this website can be created exactly by using by drawing and using their inbuilt tool. And this method is called pix2pix. This process is used to create artificial intelligence machines called Generative Adverseal Networks.

It is possible to create a face like Real Human Face using NVIDIA's modern tools. It is not possible to recognize that it is actually a fake human face. Everything is actually computer graphics. In reality, they do not exist. This method is called fake face generator. This fake face has entertained us in many famous movies. In fact, it is an artificial intelligence machine. Who have been created for our own needs.

But NVIDIA has shut down their website due to security concerns. Because the FAKE FACE created by NVIDIA was so real that many criminal activities could be done using this website.

ai actor

Like Hollywood, the entry of artificial intelligence machines in Bollywood has started slowly. Those whose acting we see on the silver screen and enjoy, may be never see in the real world. As they are all fake face. They are all an Artificial Intelligence Machine (A.I).

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