How can I reduce my abdominal fat in a week

How can I reduce my abdominal fat in a week. In my Weight Loss Series today my topic is How to reduce abdominal fat. It is a big problem to everybody. There are many reasons responsible for increasing abdominal fat, for example such as excessive junk foods, unhealthy life style and of course lack of exercise, etc.

But the following two factors are mainly responsible for abdominal fat deposits.




How can I reduce my abdominal fat in a week
Stress increases abdominal fat

Stress has become part of daily life. Work pressure, financial insecurity, problems in personal relationships, traffic and pollution have a high cost for our mental well-being.
All of the above factors combined with continued negative thinking and not living in the present moment lead to a pressure cooker mental environment.

We all lead a life in the past or in the future. Whether it is thinking about the past or fantasizing and worrying about the past. No one seems to be living in the present moment, living each moment and enjoying it.

This constant swing of the mind from past to present and from present to past like a pendulum has a great impact on your mind and body. Aging accelerates and the efficiency of the various organs of the body becomes very low.

Stress is the main cause of toxins stored in the body. These toxins impair the normal functioning of various fat-burning and excretory organs such as the thyroid gland, the lever, the kidney, etc.

This renders the body unable to cope even with the normal pressures exerted at various levels due to work or food, and the net result is obesity and weight gain.
The accumulated stress and anxiety of daily stress in complete modern life releases a hormone known as cortisol.

Research indicates that cortisol is the hormone responsible for preferential fat deposition in the abdominal area.

So if you want a sexy six pack, getting rid of stress is very important part.
There are thousands of books on stress relief and positive thinking. But no book has the exact answer for the various stressful states of mind.

Your breathing has a vital connection to your mind. By focusing on your breathing, you can control your wandering mind and bring it to the present moment.

Various breathing techniques, Yogasanas and Pranayamas have the power to flush toxins and stress out of your mind and body and make you more and more focused.

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How can I reduce my abdominal fat in a week
Alcohol increases abdominal fat

Drinking alcohol leads to abdominal fat.

Stanford University School of Medicine has reported a link between alcohol consumption and abdominal fat.

Recent findings report that alcohol drinkers have at least twice the waist-to-hip ratio compared to nonalcoholics.

Alcohol also appears to cause the body to burn less fat and promotes fat storage and subsequent weight gain.

The main problem with alcohol consumption is that the stomach walls directly absorb alcohol. Since it never reaches the intestine, the intestine does not give a "complete" signal to the brain. This causes the person to eat more. It has been observed that you tend to eat at least 400 more calories when you are drunk.

Therefore, to reduce abdominal fat, you must cut down on alcohol or at least cut down on fat each time you drink.

Spot reduction of abdominal fat is very difficult because the fat melts evenly throughout the body. As such to reduce abdominal fat, you must strive to reduce fat throughout the body.
Flushing toxins out of your system and correcting the body's fat burning mechanism can accomplish this. You can see a detailed explanation of how to do this by clicking here.
Alcohol also appears to cause the body to burn less fat and promotes fat storage and subsequent weight gain.

In addition, doing abdominals regularly will help you a lot to overcome excess abdominal fat.

Do these crunches regularly by repeating 20-25 times a day as shown below

crunches to reduce bally fat
Crunches to reduce bally fat


If you maintain the above program and avoid stress and alcohol, definitely you will achieve  your weight loss body and  reduce your abdominal fat. Waiting for your valuable comments in this regards. 

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