Symptoms of coronavirus changed. Is red rash is another symbol?

Coronavirus changed its symptoms. This time the redness of the skin is increasing the fear. 

As the number of infections increases, so do the symptoms of the coronavirus. Coronavirus is more dangerous than repeated symptoms. It started with symptoms like fever, cold-cough, sore throat. Then the virus appeared in the symptoms of heart attack. Coronavirus infection has come up with multiple symptoms of gastric problems after the symptoms of influenza and heart attack. This time the red rash on the skin is also a sign of coronavirus infection!

red rash corona virus symptoms

This symptom has been seen in the bodies of several people in Italy recently. Problems with fever and sore throat. In many cases there is no other problem, only redness of the skin. According to Italian experts, only one in five sufferers have such symptoms. 
People who do not have any problem with the skin, this red rash is also seen on their body. After 2-3 days, more complex problems are appearing in their body.

Of the eight coronaviruses treated at a hospital in Italy, 20 per cent have this new type of symptom. Children who are infected with coronavirus have problems with swollen feet. It is also heard that the legs are turning red and swollen. As the number of infections increases, new corona virus symptoms are coming in front of us.

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