AC temperature guide lines to prevent corona virus outbreak

Guide lines to keep the temperature of the AC in your house to prevent corona virus outbreak.

Even if the temperature rises, the central government issues guidelines on the temperature of the air conditioning machine in the house.

The daytime temperature is now hovering around 28-29 degrees Celsius due to the storms and rains of the last one or two days. Fairly comfortable environment at night! However, the month of Baishakh has started. The temperature will gradually rise. But even if the temperature rises, the temperature of the air conditioning machine in the house should not be reduced too much. The central government issued guidelines on the temperature of indoor air conditioning machines. The purpose is the same, to prevent corona infection.

ac temperature

Recently, the Central COVID-19 Task Force and meteorologists jointly conducted a survey on India's climate. Air conditioning machine manufacturers have also been talked to. Considering the overall situation, the temperature of the air conditioning machine in the house will be what the Indian Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers said. And according to their advice, the central government has issued new guidelines.

According to the new guidelines of the center, the AC of the house should be run at a temperature of 24 to 30 degrees centigrade. The temperature should not be less than 24 degrees Celsius. Relative humidity should be at least 40 percent. The maximum humidity can be kept up to 60 percent. Experts believe that the dry, cool environment of the house can be conducive to the transmission of the virus. Not only at home, but also in the office to run the AC must follow this instruction. This guideline states that the office exhaust fan must be turned on even when the AC is running.

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