Machine Learning Vs Artificial Intelligence

In today's world many of us are talking about machine learning and artificial intelligence. In today's changing world, whenever a new technological product is launched, the company says that their new product uses new advanced technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning.

We also sometimes use these two words. Maybe we ever knowingly or unknowingly use two words like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. But here we will learn what is the basic difference between Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning?

Machine learning is actually a part of Artificial Intelligence, but the relationship between the two is different.

What is Machine Learning (M.L)?

Here are some programs taught to a machine. Take for example a computer. A computer is taught by programming how to improve its performance by its experience or its intelligence.

machine learning

Suppose a mobile phone camera, if a dog is photographed with this mobile phone camera and this dog is photographed repeatedly with different angles, then the algorithm is taught to the mobile phone and later if the dog is brought in front of the mobile phone camera then mobile phone will automatically tell you that it is a dog. Because the mobile phone has developed its own pattern and later when a dog comes in front of it, the camera of the mobile phone will tell you that it is a dog, because then the mobile phone has gathered this experience and can easily recognize the dog.

But if a cat is brought instead of the dog in front of the camera of this mobile phone, then the mobile phone will not be able to recognize the cat. Because this camera knows nothing about the cat, he has just become an expert on dogs. The camera has not yet learned anything from the cat's pattern development program. The fact is that with algorithms we can make them experts on certain things.
Suppose, for example, we taught a man to play football. How to hit the ball, how to pass, how to score with any angle. Now that man has become an expert in football. Now if you are asked to play hockey with that football specialist man. But then he can't play hockey. Because that man has learned to play football, not hockey. This is an example of a machine learning.

What is Artificial Intelligence (A.I) 

The algorithm used here is intelligent. Here the machine can input many things like human beings instead of just one thing. As people can think, can make decisions as a situation, can apply opinions. Artificial intelligence machines can take their own opinions in just the same difficult situations. Many types and many advanced quality technologies are taught here. These are very high-tech advances.

Artificial Intelligence

For example, if an artificial intelligence machine is made an expert in football and that machine is suddenly allowed to play hockey, then that machine may not be able to play hockey well at first but later it will be able to learn hockey again and gradually become an expert. This means that artificial intelligence machines can improve themselves with their intelligence.

If machines are able to improve themselves, will they be better than humans? Maybe this will become a matter of concern for people later !!

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