Future of Artificial Intelligence in India.

After the digitisation of India, the importance of Artificial Intelligence increased a lot.

First think about Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)

In the year of 1970, realizing the true identity of artificial intelligence, which began in 1950, John McCarthy an American Computer Scantiest and researchers began working some of his followers in 1950. The only goal was to create some human-like devices or machine using advanced technology machines that can work just like humans and make human work easier.

Intelligence Vs Artificial Intelligence ( A.I.)

Artificial Intelligence

There is not much difference between an artificial intelligence machine and a human being. As such we can perceive and feel various sensitive things. For example, we can smell, we can hear with our ears, we can feel touch. This is exactly how an artificial intelligence device responds to these feelings. Because he is already programmed to respond to all kinds of feelings. According to this program, artificial intelligence machines can work and work in that way.

The way new discoveries and changes are being made in computer science every day. In the same way, new artificial intelligence machines are being applied. And in the future we will see some more new applications in Artificial Intelligence machines.

Uses of Artificial Intelligence in India

The use of artificial intelligence machines has increased significantly in India. It used to take a lot of time to do all the work, it used to take a lot of people, now it is possible to do all the work in a very short time and with very few people by artificial intelligence machines. For example today organization like rail, sports, space research, banks and defence system have greatly increased the application of artificial intelligence.

A.I. Machine

For example, with the help of artificial intelligence, science, medicine, space research, defence system and daily work can be done very easily. Seeing the success indicators, today the largest companies in the world are taking the help of artificial intelligence machines.
How Artificial Intelligence effects in social life

Artificial intelligence machines are going to bring many changes in our social life. For example, there is going to be a great change in medicine science. It is expected that in the future it will be possible to perform various medical operations using nanotechnology of artificial intelligence. Then maybe it will be possible to fill the shortage of doctors.

artificial intelligence search

This is because machines that apply artificial intelligence can easily perform complications like surgery on their own. Artificial intelligence machines will also be able to perform various medical tests, such as X-rays and disease detection.

In addition, the work of cyber security, data collection, monitoring of trending patterns, online shopping, user search results, product recommendations can also be done easily by artificial intelligence machines.

cyber security using A.I.

Office meeting schedule SMS sending etc. can be done very easily through artificial intelligence machine. Nowadays we can see cars driven by artificial intelligence on the road. In airlines use artificial intelligence machines application and success ratio is very high. Takeoff to landing everything can be done by Artificial Intelligence machine. There are a lot of things that people want to do but can't because of the situation. But with artificial intelligence machines, it is possible to do all this work very easily.

We are adopting Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)

Now using artificial intelligence technology, we can type by talking on Google and get results by searching by talking on YouTube. And now we have mastered it very easily. This means that we have learned to live with artificial intelligence

google translate A.I. machine

Using Artificial Intelligence bad or good?

There is no end to the arguments in our lives as a result of the application of this artificial intelligence in the future. One group thinks that the application of this artificial intelligence will increase the daily life of the people and many people increases daily earning, while another group thinks that the application of artificial intelligence will end the daily income of the people. And we can see the results in many places today. Starting from packing to banking, IT sector, etc., many tasks can be done very easily by artificial intelligence machines.

How we will affected by using Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)

The machine is not just doing human work, it can do human work much easier and much faster. This time the argument is over whether the man is big or the machine is big! What would a man do if a man-made artificial intelligence machine could do all his work? The answer is that all these people have to do with machine creation, programming, maintenance, sales. The real answer is that artificial intelligence machines will change the way humans work.

What we should do in future marching era.  

Now the problem in this situation will be those who do not change themselves over time. This means that in order to survive in the market, one has to be proficient in intelligence and technology. Anyone who does not understand this change will become unemployed in this age of machines. Maintaining an artificial intelligence machine will also require a lot of people because in front of people now is the time for intelligent machines to fight their own existence. However, it is thought that not one of these artificial intelligence machines are part of the human brain.

Because artificial intelligence machines are made by intelligent people. Because more intelligent human know very well that how to handle all those Artificial Intelligence machines.

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