Was Artificial Intelligence from ancient times?

Was Artificial Intelligence from ancient times?

There was a time when people thought of a device that could think like a human and look like a human and make decisions like human beings. Such a device was only in human imagination or in science fiction or novels or Hollywood movies. But now it has come true in our lives. All the machines enter in our daily lives slowly. And now and in the future our lives will be impossible without all the machines. All the people who want to live without the machine should learn to live on the machine.

Artificial Intelligence

India has begun research on Artificial Intelligence:-

India, like other developed countries of the world, is now trying to improve advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence. In fact, artificial intelligence has opened up new ways for us over the years, but very few people know about it.
So now we know about artificial intelligence and how it will affect the present and future life of our human society. And we will see that by applying Artificial Intelligence we can do many work easily and very perfectly.

Artificial Intelligence

What is Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)

Artificial intelligence means the ability to artificially prepare intelligence Man-made artificial intelligence is now a machine that can not only function as human, it can bring human-like diagnostics when needed. At present, artificial intelligence machines can do a lot of work for humans, but in the future, these machines can do all the work of humans.

Is Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) new for us:-

From the very beginning of human civilization, humans have been trying to figure out how to make work easier with the help of machines. Since from ancient times, people have begun the early work of Artificial Intelligence. The development of human civilization was progressing step by step and trying to use the machine to improve and strengthen each other.

There was always an attempt to see the God of the human being, who would appear not only in the image, but also make the human work easier to easier and fulfill all human desires.
Over time, with the help of science, people began to change themselves in such a way that humanity could change the imagination of the past into the present.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) practical uses:-

At present we have made Artificial Intelligence car. Many American companies have made driverless cars. If you rent a car through an app, the driver's place will be written by the computer, the driver of which will be no one, and the program will control the robot, and you will be automatically reached to your desired destination. Laser, proximity, censor, GPS technology attached in this car which collects all the data and processed fast and helps to avoid any accident

People have long ago started thinking about a machine that the machine can do all the work like humans. Greek ancient scientist Heron long ago started the preliminary work describing more than a hundred machines and auto machines where a fire engine, a steam engine and an automatic machine mentioned from the ancient age.

History of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.):-

In the Greek Mythology, we see a machinery slave, In Norse mythology we can see machinery demon made of clay.  In the book Pygmalion I read of a clay-making machine that came to life. Unani mathematician Terentom mentioned one specifies the steamy birds that can be described as pigeon.
The 1080s Sonong (one mathematician) refer to a machine that used to play bells in the temple every hour.

Greek Mythology in A I

Speaking first of all human like machine robot, it seems that Inme All Jazeera mentioned 110 instruments that were in gear mode, they used motion control or movement control. He first mentioned instruments like human beings.

Is Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) a threat for us:-

Robotic machines are made by humans. People wanted to create a device that could think like them and do everything they could. Around in the year 1950 people resumed work on Artificial Intelligence. Then Artificial intelligence also creates a lot of fear. The Artificial Intelligence was shown in Terminator movie, directed by James Cameron in the year 1984. It has been shown that robots are more powerful than humans, so why would they enslave people? However, Artificial Intelligence has slowly entered the real life of people from the world of fantasy. Currently AC, refrigerator, washing machine works on a program fit by humans. In the present office, there are some machines that work just like humans. Robots now not only works like a robots, now robots work like humans and can take decisions and can communicate as humans if needed.

Every day they learn new things and judge them to make the right decisions. Although robots are no longer ruling people like the Terminator Movie, but it may not be too late.

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