Coronavirus spread from your daily used ornaments also

Coronavirus spread from your daily used ornaments also

So far, 13,47,803 people have been infected with coronavirus, out of which 74,807 have died and 2,77,407 have been recovered ( This result as on 07.04.2020 morning). Most alarming thing is, no vaccine or drug has been discovered so far for the virus. Scientists are still conducting research on this topic. Few of them are claimed that few medicine are responses good.

Coronavirus spread from your daily used ornaments
Coronavirus spread from daily used ornaments 

Doctors in many countries around the world are conducting alternative treatments for malaria and HIV, using for coronavirus disease. Nevertheless, worries continue to rise. In this situation, cleanliness and caution are one of the ways to stay away from the virus.

Only repeatedly hands and face wash cannot be washed away the deadly virus spread. Clothes, watches, glasses, mobile phones, even rings, neck chains, earrings also infects your body with deadly corona virus. These should be kept clean properly with disinfectant. As even when we wash our hand with soap or hand sanitizer the inside portion of your ring can not be washed away. And there fungal, bacterial, and viruses increases. Even deadly corona virus may be their inside your finger ring. And it is enough to infect your body with COVID-19. As this virus survive in metal surface like gold, silver, steel etc. from 2 to 7 days easily.

So, before spreading infection remove your ornaments. Maybe it is your marriage ring or any other emotional issue involved with that ornament. Do not think. Remove it now to avoid spreading of the deadly infection. It is definitely good for your health and your family member’s health and your society’s health. As coronavirus can infect anyone.

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