Why coronavirus called novel coronavirus

Why coronavirus called novel coronavirus 

Corona virus disease first started at Wuhan. And took many lives. Now Corona Virus spread across the Globe. From December 2019 to April 2020 it took millions of lives. WHO (World Health Organisation) declare it a pandemic.

Now the question is that why this deadly virus called Novel Corona Virus.

why called novel corona virus
Novel Corona Virus

Why it is called Novel?

Novel means new (or never before). It is a new virus in human history. Doctors and Scientists have never seen this kind of virus before. We don’t know how to stop the virus from spreading. And we don’t know its proper medicine. For this reason it is called Novel (means a new virus).

Why it is called Corona?

Corona is a Latin word. Corona means crown. The name corona is only given because of its shape. The infected portion of the human body looks like crown or it looks like sun corona. This is the reason of its name. A new Crown like structure virus.

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