Bengali ranna ghor - পটলের খোসা ভাজা - ( Potoler Khosa Vaja)

Crumble of Paraval (Pointed gourd) - পটলের খোসা ভাজা ( Potoler Khosa Vaja)

Now we are facing lockdown stage. In this stage all the market, shops are totally closed. Only essential product stores are open. In this situation it becomes very difficult for us to know what to cook in the house and what to feed the children in the house. What we will cook today, we will often see how we make a new recipe with the left over things.

And the recipe is

Crumble of Paraval ( Pointed gourd ) - পটলের খোসা ভাজা - 

( Potoler Khosa Vaja)

bengali ranna ghor

First we will remove the crust of the Paraval. We will use the main part of the Parawal in the other issue. Here we use only the crust of the Paraval or green skin of the Parawal.


i. Crust of the Paraval or green skin of the Parawal.
ii. Onion – 2 pcs
iii. Garlic – 1 pc
iv. Red Chili – 5-6 pcs
v. Mustard oil – As required
vi. Salt – As required


Step -1

Take green skin part of the parwal. Take onion, garlic, red chili and put them altogether in to a mixture grinder. Smash them. Make it a pulp.

bengali ranna ghor

Step -2

Take a cadai or pan. Give some mustard oil and give the pulp in to the pan. Give some salt as much as required. Give 2 cup of water. Give some green chili as per your requirement.

bengali ranna ghor

Step -3

Your preparation is ready. Serve it with hot rice.

bengali ranna ghor

It is very special in this lockdown stage. Because it is very low cost food. It is a testy food. And you are making this food with unwanted product.

Hope you like it. Stay Home Stay Safe. Because this is the only way to protect Covid 19.

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