How many calories should I eat?

The calorie intake calculator provides an estimate of how many calories (or kilojoules) are needed for both men and women.

Calories for fat reduction:

calorie calculator

Science tells us that 1 pound of fat equals 3,500 calories, so a daily calorie deficit of 500 should result in 1 pound of fat loss per week (find out how many calories you burn for any exercise here). Actually things don’t work efficiently! In general, it decreases as a person's energy expenditure decreases, which means it will inevitably be stable. The amount of food taken to lose weight at once will now only be maintained.


Always try to target “fat reduction” daily calorie levels. The “extreme fat reduction” level is effectively a background calorie level. Don’t try to reduce your calories to this level right now in hopes of a quick fix; It can retreat. The list includes extreme fat loss levels to show the least amount of calories that can be considered. This should be seen as an exception rather than a rule.

Burning fat is actually better than starvation.

Weight loss plateau:

weight loss plateau

Over time our bodies adapt to lower levels of calories. Our bodies become more efficient at using energy (reducing metabolism) and therefore, burn less fat.

That is why most of us reach the plateau of weight loss. At this point, the only option is to speed up your metabolism; Cardio augmentation, weight training, "cheating" meals (e.g., occasionally high-calorie meals), cycling (or zigzagging) calories, and even macro-nutritional ratios (don't forget to sleep and hydrate properly) can often help you The closer you get to your target weight (or body fat percentage) the harder things will get!

Continuous calorie reduction only helps to further reduce metabolism, the weight reappears only when you return to a ‘normal’ diet.

Take the minimum daily calories:

calorie food

It is difficult to set the perfect low calorie level, because each person has different levels of body composition and activity. Health authorities set some baseline: these are 1200 calories per day for women and 1800 calories per day for men. It doesn't really make much sense: are you sitting with a little muscle mass? Or someone tall, muscular and practicing a lot? Perfect layers don’t work, but they do give us a starting point.

Reduces calories:

Try not to consume more than 1000 calories under maintenance. Doing so triggers the body's hunger response, which can lead to a yo-yo diet effect.

Try to reduce calories slowly. Sudden drops (such as 500 calories or more) can slow down your metabolism. Learn to eat slowly: Research shows that those who eat more are heavier people 1 people

What happens if the calories are too low?

1) Muscle mass is broken down by energy (catabolism).
2) The metabolic rate will start to drop (usually) after 3 days of very low calories, it is related to muscle mass loss and worse.
3) With very few calories, you are at risk of slow, nutritional deficiencies, fatigue and frequent boredom. If you suddenly go back to the previous diet types, you are fully prepared to get the fat back.

How to Zig Zag Calories?

As mentioned above, tricking the body by varying calorie intake can be helpful - particularly for those that have hit a plateau. 

Carb Cycling:

carb cycling

To extend the concept of calorie cycling even further, carbohydrate cycling is an option especially for those who have HIT A PLATEAU. This involves manipulating your daily intake of carbohydrates in order to maximize fat loss, and it helps to keep you in the right 'headspace' when you have 1-2 days of restricted Calories

Loose Skin?

loose skin

Many people who lose larger amounts of weight find issues with loose skin. Because skin is elastic it stretches when we gain weight (normally a slow process), but fails to return to shape when we lost weight (often a faster process). Here are few tips for maintaining loose skin. 

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