10 healthy lifestyle tips in the lockdown stage

10 healthy lifestyle tips in the lockdown stage

The whole world is now terrorized by the attack on Coronavirus. Like other country we are now in lockdown stage. Because this is the only way that can prevent the deadly virus.

Some of us getting bored, some of us facing mental anxiety. But we have to maintain lockdown period properly to stay safe.

Here we discuss 10 healthy lifestyle tips in the lockdown stage:-

10 healthy lifestyle tips in the lockdown stage

1. Starts your day with any kind of detox water on empty stomach, like Jira Water (Cumin Water), Lemon Honey Water, Fenugreek water, ACV (apple cider vinegar) water etc.

2. Spend at least 30 to 45 minutes in any kind of aerobic exercise like brisk walking, Spot Joggingjumping jack, stair climbing etc. or you can downloads various home workout apps or pedometer in your mobile and use it.

3.  Make your breakfast healthy and carbohydrate rich that keeps you full on a long go.   You can have whole grain oats, quinoa, dalia, any types of millet kichidi, paratha with a spoon full of ghee, stuffed paratha etc. Enjoy your meal with a cup of green tea (if possible).

4At mid-morning snack i.e. totally optional choose coconut water or normal water or green tea or bullet coffee or any type of fruits etc.

5. During bath take daily oil massage that will help you to relocate and flush fat cells ( adipose cells). Try take warn water for bathing.

6. Don’t forget to wash your palms using alcohol, soaps, sanitizers etc. Make your rooms clean. Mop it daily with Dettol. Use baking soda water or vinegar water to clean your fruits and vegetables. Your cloths needs very special care. Allow Dettol rinse. Dry them in open air and direct sunlight.

7. Make your lunches a bit lighter than breakfast. Have it a bit early. Fill ½ of your plates with salads and rest with Dal, Chawal, Roti, Fish, and Egg etc. Take raita to finish your meal.

8. In evening you can walk on your rooftop or front verandah if you have the facility. Count stairs. Engage yourself in any kind of chair exercise, yogas, asanas or zumba. Please don’t just sit on a chair and watch TV. Don’t always look at your mobile screen. Spend your time productively. Teach your son or daughter. Help your better half. Chat with your parents. Try to invent new dishes or learn anything that you want to learn for long time. Groom yourself as a better version of you.

10 healthy lifestyle tips in the lockdown stage

9.  Have your dinner early. Make it the lightest meal of the day. Try soups, stews, cottage cheese, boiled eggs and chicken breasts (if possible). Have 30 minutes brisk walk in your room. Chat with everyone but do not eat and sleep.

10. Try to meditate before you sleep. Have only positive thoughts in your mind. Listen Vajanas, Kertons, and Soothing Music to have a deep peaceful night. Dream Big. Be Big.

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