How to build better mental health in this pandemic situation

How to build better mental health in this pandemic situation.  

Health and lifestyle is every thing in our daily life. Now a days Mixed of COVID-19 news floating all around us. Figures about positive cases and death happening due to COVID-19. In this situation it become very difficult to us to segregate what to accept and what information is to be ignored.  We have been getting news all the time on social media, and some of the videos are really depressing. But while it natural to seek information this unfolding public health crisis. Staying informed is important. We all want to have news updated, but we do not understand how harmful these news can be to us physically and emotionally. As beside physical health we to protect our mental health. I can assure you after this crisis over there will be a sharp rise in mental disorder like anxiety and depression.

mental stress
Mental Stress

The doctors have some patients who has a physical problem but he has a mental problem caused by the physical problem.

Here are the few steps that’s helps you to stay mentally healthy:

     Understand Fight or Flight response of your body:-

It is natural to feel anxious while you are giving thousand of this kind of health threat. This kind of news increasing our blood pressure or increasing our heart rate. For increasing our alertness while triggered by a hormonal response like cortisol, adrenalin etc. Those are the hormones which play a role which increasing our blood pressure and heart rate.   The brain continuously seeking with new information accuse to reassure the threat. If we bombard ourselves with COVID-19 news, depressing news, death news, images which are depressing or not pleasant to see. So we reinforce the threat signals to our brain and if we listen to the same thing over and over again in our brain, our brain creates boundary, seeking for the same news.  We have to remember that the information we allow in will effect. How we feel and will maintain that intact with care. Because of the impact the stress has in our body is very important that our body’s immune system is dependent upon.

Be selective about news sources:-

news media source
Believe In Selective News Source

We now have a lot of news sources like many TV New Channels, Social Media News, WhatsApp news. But we do not know which news is right and what is wrong. So we should follow some proper news channel like official news channel (CDC, WHO etc.) Watch a news channel without seeing it again and again. That creates our Mental Pressure and Mental Anxiety.  Because news sources matters.

Consider the practical value of information:- 

Not every information equity is done anymore. When we see a images or video like mask, PPE equipment (Personal Protective Equipment), osha gloves, Caps, Doctors, Empty Street, Armed gourd and that detects a threat and react accordingly. This images has not lot of value. These images has not convey lot of meaningful or useful value. Where possible or wherever possible focus on facts in the story. Try not to concentrate external or peripheral images attached to the story. Avoid look at the TV when this kind of images showing.

Be careful about the languages use by the media:-

Do not under estimate of overestimate the power of language. For example when then the media reporting when infecting is skyrocketing. So it may triggered more anxious feeling. When media reports the same reports that the rate of infection is increasing. So, skyrocketing Vs increasing. Increasing give more sensational. It is important to go thru the sensationalistic language. If a practical news source give us some alarming message. If possible that kind of messages.

Set boundaries on news consumption habit:-

reading book stress relief
Book reading can remove your stress

Such a rapidly evolving situation and it can feel like even a few hours without update and lack of information we will be in the dark. But while the information of Covid-19 or corona virus is constant it is also highly repetitive. You have felt that more we received the information the more it will play on our mind and the more difficult it will be disengage. So try to limit yourself and try limiting your updates between one to three designated times in a day when you would seeing a particular news as hearing or listing to particular  news or hearing or listing to particular news bulletin and make the rest of the time concentrate during the rest of the time the interim time so something which is productively for you it may be reading up good books, it may listing to the music it may be you know unwinding with your family members and bonding with your family. So this is what the message is and friends, as you know that we try to share with you value added information about health. Now you can practically we gather this information from many reliable resources and do our diligent research to bring for you. The information in a very highly you know refined and packaged form. So I Hope you like the information which we try to bring for you. I you like do share.

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