Pregnancy Protestant blood sugar

Diabetes is a condition where body is unable to keep bold sugar level in a normal range. There are three types of diabetes.

1.      Type 1
2.      Type 2
3.      Gestational

A well-controlled diabetes certainly ensures good sexual life, better fertilizing capacity and increased rate of being conceive. In case of male research shows that type 1 diabetes can lead to reduce sperm quality. It damages the DNA. The study was small and does not prove that it causes male fertility. It is found that sugar sweetened beverage consumption in correlated with lower sperm motility diabetes can lead to watery semen. It does not mean that the mains infertile but it indicates the low sperm cannot that definitely reduce the changes. It decreases the rate of erection, testosterone level, libido etc.

Pregnancy Protestant blood sugar

Infertility in woman also associates with lower rates of fertility. Diabetes may not be the super me reason of infertility but it is the root cause of the sub causes of infertility like obesity, being underweight, POCS (polycystic ovary syndrome), autoimmune disease, having complication etc.  Diabetes affect menstrual cycle in a large rate. It disturbs the estrogen, progesterone ratio in blood. It promotes POCS (polycystic ovary syndrome) in female. It increases the risk of stillbirth and neo natal death as well as mis carriage. It you can a well-controlled diabetes level it reduces the risk of having very large baby and it requiring intensive care. Male cause of infertility is mainly detected by semen analysis and STI (Sexually Transmitted Infection). In case of women diabetes causes low amount of FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) and LH (Latinizing Hormone.)

Pregnancy Protestant blood sugar

The good news is diabetes can be managed by controlling blood sugar levels. This involves regular monitoring, eating a healthy diet, regular physical activity, being in the healthy weight range, reducing stress and anxiety and quitting smoking. Medication and Meditation may help.
So, to conceive, carry, giving birth to a healthy baby is not easy for those who are diabetic. But if you keep an eagle eye to these healthy options the mighty god will certainly bless you.

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