Example of tools available on computer – Snipping Tool

Example of tools available on computer – Snipping Tool

Snipping tool is a very useful tool for every windows user

When we need a part of portion to an open window to be crop, then this tool is very useful. This tool is available in Windows 7 to Windows 10. And this is a free tool. This tool is available with the windows.

Here are the steps that how does this Snipping tool works for the window user.

Step -1

Type snipping tool in the search box in Windows.

snipping tool

Step -2

Then go to the Snipping Tool App. A new window open

snipping tool

Step – 3

Click on new option in to the Snipping tool window

snipping tool

Step -4

Drag in to the portion which you need, a new window open from your selection.

Before dragging you can also change the mode option

Click on mode option. You will find different option

    a)      Free from Snip

snipping tool

free from snip

    b)      Rectangular Snip

rectangular snip

    c)      Window Snip

window snip

    d)      Full-screen snip

full screen snip

Drag the portion as per your above requirements

Step – 5

After dragging a new window is open. And then go to the file option and go to save as.

snipping save as

Step -6

Different file option was there. You can save it like JPEG File, PNG (Portable Network Graphic) File, GIF file and also single file HTML.

file extention snipping tool

Step -7

Default file name is capture. You can change it as per your requirement.

snipping tool save as

Hope the topic help you a lot regarding Snapping Tool.

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