Gym or Yoga which one is best show ratio

Gym or Yoga which one is best show ratio 

When it comes to fitness world or fitness lifestyle. We always have a confusion Gym or Yoga?  Which one is the best for us? For Me? To have a bikini body at summer? To hit picnic in winter? Carrying Lahenga at festival? Beach life or mountain hiking etc. etc. We always dreamt off a sexy body. Sun kissed face, zero figure or body hugging one piece. Here is the answer.

What is Gym? What is Gym life?

gym or yoga which one is the best

Gym is nothing but a set of scientific, muscle targeted set of machine that we use for our fat burn, cutting, developing our muscles. Please don’t ask me Men or Women. Muscles are muscles. Gender is not a matter. Both have same muscles. So it’s not really matter.

In case of men – they prefer to train biceps, chests, sculpted back. Whereas women dreamt of sculpted hip, big boobs and toned body. Whereas men run after 6 pack abs. Women run after little curvy body with toned figure.

They both take healthy fruits, vegetables, nuts, juice, stews, soups, boiled portions, coffee, Green tea and ghee to achieve it. This is Gym life. I am not taking about supplement, addons whey, Creatinine, BCAA, meal replacements, fat burners, steroids etc. Because they will not work for you if you don’t work out scientifically and continuously and take balanced regulated portions. I don’t agree with that can kept that if you don’t add supplement in your regular diet you can achieve a great body. Gym and Gym life is basically a mind game. You have to play it continuously with society, friends, myths, relatives etc. Every time you have to change yours game stratagem to meet your family exceptions, changing life style, people around you sudden and nearest goals etc.


gym or yoga which one is the best

Yoga is completely different case. It is a positive life style that consist of both body and mind. In the path of yoga you can have a disease free body and a mind that always send you receive positive vibes. You have better metabolism, self-control, stress free mind. The full perspective on life, people, and society will change if you do yoga. It is holistic way to live life with peace, harmony etc. It is a better way to live life pother than being sedentary.

Which one is the best? Not really one. Both are good. Both work on different aspect. Both calms you mind and give you a desired structure. Being sedentary is not a point. To meet your goal you have to combine both for your well beings, success, cream physique and mental health. So, run for healthy life and peaceful mind. Don’t ask which one is best. Everything works best on you if you try for your best.

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