Going gym or eating more which will increase weight?

This is a very common question in every body’s mind.  Gaining weight is of two types. One is weight gain by eating and another is gaining weight by gymming. Now my question is which type of body do you want. A lean sculpted figure or a fatty flabby once.

increase weight

If you start gymming, actually you have started  working on your body. Workout means your body start working like a machine.  It improves our basal metabolic rate. Thus it increase metabolism. Food digest faster. So, your body can absorb more calories and provide your more power. Your body fat decrees and that vacuum space is occupied by muscle. As a result your body weight is increase and simultaneously you gain a lean physique.

If you decide to eat more rather than gymming, you can also gain weight. But this weight comes from fat and stored water. Your body obviously gain a large amount of weight, but is a wrong way. You can include rice, rooted vegetable, suji, red meat, butter etc. to gain in this way. But if you chose weight gain in right way like gymming, you choose nuts, oats, ghee, complex carbs like dalia, quinoah, chicken breasts etc. So now the choice is yours. Weight gain ( source fat and water) ? Or Weight gain ( source lean mass) ?

Gaining weight by eating more gift you various diseases like cholesterol, PCOD, blood presser, cardiac problem, gas, acidity, diabetes etc. Whereas gaining weight gift you a disease free body.

I think, muscle building is the best option instead of fat storing. So, going gym is the best option if you want to increase your body weight. You looks good as your body is toned, sculpted and disease free.

Hope you find your answer.

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