About 30 million people can be infected in India by Corona Virus

About 30  million people can be infected in India by Corona Virus

Corona is spreading rapidly in the world. The number of fatalities in India is 433. Eight of them have already died. In Italy, too, the death is increasing. No place is available for the funeral of the deceased. Though many steps have already been taken to prevent this deadly virus in India, the number of people is still increasing. Locked-down areas in India since March 22 against Corona. Lockdown already started at 5 pm on March 23 in several districts of West Bengal, including Kolkata.

corona virus in India

In this situation, the US Health Organization's Center for Disease Dynamics, Economics and Policy has emerged as an important source of information. According to their research, about 30 million people can be infected in India by the disease. Director of the organization Ramanan Lakshminarayan said in an international media interview, The tsunami of corona virus infection can go away very quickly in India. The country is estimated to have 4 million people infected with coronas. Between 1 and 5 million of them could be in critical condition.

According to WHO data from the World Health Organization (WHO), the number of people infected in India is 433 and among them 8 are dead. The deadly virus in India is at now 3rd level. The study of one team suggests that India's COVID-19 situation may be worse in the future. The only tool to prevent corona virus infection is caution and awareness.

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