Smoking may increase corona virus infection!!

Smoking may increase corona virus infection!!  

Are you a chain smoker? Do not go a day without smoking? Do you know that it can cause morbidity? The deadly world of corona viruses. Discussion on the discovery of corona virus drugs also breaks down. In this situation, the physicians brought forth an interesting information. Not just cancer, smoking increases the risk of getting corona virus or death, as well as increasing the habit of smoking.

smoking increase corona virus

In the meantime, the number of coronas in the world is more than 12 thousand. The data says that most of the coronary-infected people worldwide, especially those infected with the virus, are males. Most of the dead in Corona are male compared to women and children. The BBC cites data from the Chinese Centers for Disease Control. In this case the data of 4 thousand patients were analyzed. The data shows that among those who died of the virus, 2.5 percent were men, women 5.6 percent and children 1.2 percent. In addition, 5 percent of the dead are elderly people.

Doctors attributed the difference to the lifestyle of the victims. Doctors claim this is one of the most common causes of getting out and about smoking frequently. This type of virus is more common in the lungs. Therefore, those who smoke regularly cause rapid infection in their weak lungs. As a result, the death toll from this virus is high. In this case, as women make up only 5% of the number of smokers, the antibodies are made quickly for women and because of the extra care taken by the children, they can be saved easily.

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