Does Chinese food increases the risk of Coronavirus Infection? Here is the discussions!

Many people around us now a days believes that different types of Chinese food, Sauce are spreading the dangerous Coronavirus. And for this panic news so many people are leaving Chinese food.

Many of us are now suffering from the terror of the coronavirus. In the meantime, the fear of the Chinese food was further provoked. People who regularly eat fast food and Chinese food they are also leaving to eat Chinese food and chicken. And the counts of peoples are really many. Again, different media and social media are saying the same thing. And the terror is now so vast. Because peoples are believing that previously many viruses spread from fast food and meat. And for this reason, people believe that this time may be the same case.

corona virus

Chinese food prices have also decreased in China. Meanwhile, almost all of the Chinese dishes sold in our country's restaurants contain chicken. Because of this, the fear of the sauce, the Chowmein as well as the chicken is being created in the minds of ordinary people. However, the website of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention says that Chinese food is not included in the list of risk factors for the Coronavirus.

In our country, however, fear is elsewhere. Most people in our country have become accustomed to eating restaurant food almost every day. Meanwhile, eating habits of everyday in restaurant or Dhaba can create a variety of body problems. Because, in restaurant food, 'Mono Sodium Glutamate' is what we know as Azinamoto. 'Azinamoto' is actually the name of the company selling but is actually 'Mono Sodium Glutamate'. And this is really a very harmful thigs of our body. Excessive 'mono-sodium glutamate' can call for various types of nerve problems and may cause of major small-cell cancers.  So if you do not effect from coronas it is a very good news, But avoid to take Chinese food and fast food to protect various problems. As excessive taking of fast food may cause of bad news which may come any time.

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