Desktop is the smallest category of Microcomputer

Desktop is the smallest category of Microcomputer

Yes it is true that Desktop is the smallest category of Microcomputer. But now a days which we have used in our office and home those are the more advanced computer than a Microcomputer.

What is Microcomputer?

Due to their compact (small) size they are called Microcomputer. Microcomputer first developed by the IBM (International Business Machine) corporation. They have completed their development in the year 1970. When they have used 8088 Micro Processor and they have used 64 kb (kilo bite) RAM, 1mb  ( Mega Bite) H.D. D. ( Hard Disk Drive). At that time Floppy was used. Floppy size was 180 to 360 KB (Kilo Bite)

Micro Processor used in Microcomputer

Purpose of Use:

Small and Big calculation, accounting and other small things easily calculated by the microcomputer.
Now A Days Desktop Computer

Now a days which desktop we are using in our home and office it is 8th Generation Computer. We have i7 processor, we have minimum 8 GB (Giga Bite) RAM and we have now minimum 1 T.B. (Tera Bite) H.D.D. ( Hard Disk Drive). And those computers are 1000 times faster than a Microcomputer which was developed in the year 1970.

Desktop computer
Today's Desktop Computer

We can now easily editing H.D. quality photographs, Videos Etc. We can chat, email, and do other communication easily from our home.

So If the question about Desktop is the smallest category of Microcomputer? Then my answer is Today’s desktop computer 1000 times’ advance than 70’s Microcomputer.

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