LazerJet Or Inktank - Which Printer We Should Buy

Now a days many types of printers are available, like dot matrix, inkjet printer, ink tank printer and laser jet printer are of the most popular printer.
Before we purchase a printer, one question that comes to our mind that what kind of printer we should buy. Which one is the best. That's a very common question in every body's mind.

Sooo.. here is the solutions:

Types of popular printer mostly available now a days

(1)    Ink tank printer
(2)    Laser jet printer

What is it


1.       Ink tank printer:

It has four ink tanks for this reason it is called ink tank printer. Four ink tank i.e. cyan, pink and yellow and once black color.

2.       Laser jet printer

It is mainly a monochrome printer. It means it prints only one color and it mainly prints black color print. But color laser jet printers are also available.

ink tank printer

What is its mechanism:

1.       Ink tank printer: In this printer liquid ink is used. Liquid ink is in the ink tank or cartridge. Then the ink go through with the pipe and finally comes in to print nozzle and then sprays the ink on the paper.

2.       Laser jet: In this kind of printer the ink is not in liquid form. The ink here is in the powder form in a cylindrical drum and print process will done by a laser beam process. For this it is called laser jet printer.

    Now the question is what kind of printer we should purchase?  

And the answer is it depends on what you want to print.
If you want to print photography then you should purchase ink tank printer. Because it gives you a beautiful colored output.
And if you want to print only text in your office or home then you should purchase Laser jet printer.
It is very clear that which printer you chose it depends on what type of work you want to do at present and could continue in future.

Now the question is price:

In todays market both printers are available more or less same price.
1.       Ink-tank printer – Around 9-10 K without wifi with multifunction capability.
2.       Ink-tank printer – Around 12-14 K with wifi with multifunction capability.
3.       Laser jet – Black and white without wifi with multifunction capability. – around 12K
4.       Laser jet – black and white with wifi with multifunction capability. – around 17 K
Here multifunction means print, scanner and copier.

Now the Ink price:

Ink tank:
Black color in bottle price is around Rs. 280/- and color bottle price around Rs.350/- each. And it gives around 2500 pages easily.

Laser Jet
Ink toner price around Rs. 3000 /- each and it gives around 3000 to 3500 pages easily.
Compare to price ink tank is the best.


If you want huge print out then laser jet is the best option compare to ink tank printer.

Servicing after purchase:

If the question of after purchase servicing then Laser Jet is the top compare to Ink tank. Its parts are easily available compare to ink tank. As in ink tank printer some time you face nozzle jam problem issue. Ans ink tank printer life is less compared to Laser Jet.
All the available brands in the market are good. Purpose is the important issue.

Hope now this helps you a lot to take decision that what type of printer you should buy.

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