We are the only enemies of our mother nature, as we are taking our nature at a risk point

If some evil power or some polluted thing comes to our house we will tried to prevent it with full power with all of our family members. To get the evil power or evil pollution away from our home.
But we forgot when the same evil power or some polluted thing come to our mother nature mother earth we can not do. For this reason we are at the risk point. Our mother nature is at risk point. Pollution is at risk point. If the nature smiles we are smiling. If the nature crying then we are crying definitely. As we are the part of the nature. Without nature we are not able to exist. But the citizen of nature forgot it. We are going to destroy our mother nature.

Nature is running in its own way

We are going to destroy it with fight with each other

We are fight each other. We are cutting trees many trees. For this reason we are at risk point. We are showing the power to each other. We are using excessive plastic materials. We are using atomic power. But we are not think about our home means about our nature, about out mother earth.
We must think about our nature before taking any steps. Because if the nature is alive then we are alive our future generation will alive.

Animals are gone away for finding the new fresh nature

We destroyed our own nature thru war or thru nuclear weapons.

Sooo please think about nature if we want to protect our nature. To protect our future generations.

Have a nice day.

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