The dog can detect cancer by smelling!!

98 percent of cases cancer can accurately detect by the dogs by his smelling power. His evidence is matched by the study!

The number of cancer cases is increasing day by day. Horror is the name of the disease, panic is created. This is because of the huge cost of treatment. Due to the huge cost of cancer treatment, many people cannot afford adequate treatment. Because of this, cancer is still a panic for the middle class people.

cancer treatment

Millions of people die every year in cancer worldwide. It is possible to protect cancer from death. But it is very important to identify the disease in the initial phase. In most cases, cancer is detected in the third or fourth stage. Under these circumstances, it is almost impossible to treat or cope with cancer. But dogs can be helpful in identifying cancer at first! The acute smell of the dog is also able to recognize the cancer at the earliest stage, even though it is strange to hear. At least that is the demand for the American Society of Florida, USA

Researchers of biochemistry and molecular biology and they claim that 97 percent of cases can accurately identify the dogs! They have found evidence of a long time in the study.
It has been reported that 4 bighal species of dogs are specially trained for this test. After a long training, malignant lungs (lung cancer) were able to differentiate between the blood serum of cancer and the blood serum of the healthy people. The researchers of the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology claim that, in 96.7 percent of cases, the dogs of four different beagle species were able to accurately identify the person's blood cancer.

The researcher's chief professor Heather Junqueira said that dogs' smell power is 10 thousand times stronger than humans. So by using dog smelling in this method, if the disease can be detected initially, then the chances of the patient getting better by curing cancer will increase significantly. Because, as quickly as cancer is detected, treatment of this disease will be as easy as possible. However, as a method of identifying the cancer, this test method has to wait a few more days to get recognition. Need more testing.

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