Mind Diet !!

It is very important to maintain body and brain coordination to keep the body healthy. And to maintain this combination, it is necessary to maintain good health of the brain. For the health-conscious body, as we keep our diet in many diets, it is also necessary for the good health of the brain. And the need for good health of the brain is 'Mind Diet'.

It is possible to stay far away from serious nervous problems like Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, if you follow just like 'Mind Diet'. Rhet Medical University Center, Chicago, Nutritionist, Nutritionist, Marthaklayer Morris, is a proponent of this 'Mind Diet'. Let's know what to eat in 'Mind Diet' is important ...

What to eat in 'Mind Diet'?

Nutritionists advise to eat fresh fruits, greens, nuts, pulses, grain crops, poultry eggs, fish and chicken in this diet.

Avoid any foods in 'Mind Diet'?

In this diet, nutritionists are advised to avoid eating high-fat foods such as cheeses, butter, red meat, sugar and gram flour.

Soo keep health and fit your mind. :D

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