Do you spend hours in AC room? Here is the harmful results!!

After working 8-9 hours in the office in ac room in this extreme hot, we do not want to stay without air conditioners. So the home will not be without air conditioners. In fact, we are gradually becoming dependent on air conditioners, getting accustomed to air conditioners. But this additional reliance on air conditioners can be very harmful to our health. 

ac air conditioner side effect

Let's take a look at some of the health hazards if we stay long time in air conditioners.

1) Those who spend most of the day or at least 9-10 hours in the air-conditioned house, increasing the risk of respiratory problems can be multiplied. The use of excessive ac can further enhance respiratory infection.

2) The use of excessive ac can increase multiple problems such as conjunctivitis and blepharitis. Apart from those who use the lens in the eyes, they also have to face various problems.

3) Additional spraying can increase the incidence of several diseases. Those who spend most of the day or at least 9-10 hours in the air-conditioned room, of them, arthritis, blood pressure or many types of neurological problems can be greatly increased.

4) The use of excessive spraying or long spills may increase the risk of many allergic issues.

5) The skin has lost its normal moisture due to its long spacing. As a result the skin becomes dry and there are many problems with the skin.

6) Multiple studies have shown that people who have long been in an air-conditioned environment suffer from headache or other problems like mental retardation.

How to Control Room Temperature:

The temperature of the house will be kept between 21-25 degrees. Keep in mind that the temperature of the house is not less than 20 degrees Celsius.

ac air conditioner side effect

It is good to not use the AC in the winter season.
Use moisturizing lotion or cream to maintain moisture in the skin.
Occasionally face water. If you need to wear a light cloth.

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