Contraception Earrings, scientists on the way to discovering ring!

It is possible to avoid unplanned pregnancy risk after wearing a pair of earrings or a ring.

Sexual intercourse may be unavoidably or unplanned. In this situation, most women go to the Barrot Control Pill or Birth Control Drugs to avoid risk of conception. But playing contraception medicines available in the market remains a fear or risk of side effects. But if you wear a pair of earrings or a ring, the risk of unplanned pregnancy can be avoided! It sounds weird! A group of American scientists standing at the door of the discovery of such contraceptive ornaments.

Fox News sources said, A group of researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology are planning to add contraceptive hormones in special earrings or necklaces or ring-like ornaments. If this research is successful, then these contraceptive hormones will be mixed with the body's blood flow through the skin. Testing is still going on about how this jewelry works in the human body so far. However, the success of these jewelry on the rats and pigs proved successful.

Mark Prusannitz, professor of the School of Chemical and Biomulsular Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, said that this contraceptive ornament will make the contraceptive method more attractive and easier. But they are thinking of making it more easy to use this method to make it popular. There are several steps needed to be examined about how effective this contraceptive method is in the human body. However, Professor Prusannis is hopeful that they will be successful in this study soon.

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