Severe heat can cause of Bronchitis ! Find out the way how to stay healthy !!

Now a days excessive heat running in our area. Due to excessive heat, sweating may cause problems of  Bronchitis disease.

The risk of becoming infected with bronchitis among older people or children is much higher than others.

Those who are less likely to get cold, they may become more prone to acne due to excessive sweating by sweating. Those who suffer from asthma problems, they do not get exhausted from the problem of Bronchitis.

Bankaitis Disease

If there is Bronchitis, the tissue to supply oxygen to the lungs (the bronchial tree) swells due to infections. In most cases, the problem of bronchitis is due to the virus. However, in some cases bacteria can also cause this problem. Bronchitis can occur at any age. However, the risk of becoming infected with Bronchitis among older people or children is much higher than others.

Symptoms of Bronchitis
Bankaitis Disease

Dangerous cough is often one of the signs of Bronchitis. Croquet color can be yellow or green in color if Bronchitis is affected. However, if the Bronchitis is affected by the virus, then the cuff color can be white. Bronchitis may have problems with cough, cough, fever and even breathing. Bronchitis may be more susceptible to asthma or allergic problems. If you have acute bronchitis, you may experience various problems such as rapid tiredness, feet, feet, or ankle swelling, chest blowing sound inside the chest.

Treatment and prevention methods:

If you have acute Bronchitis, it is necessary to start treatment first time. The exact number of days the patient is recovering from bronchitis depends on how serious the infection is. When infected with Bronchitis, the drug is mainly given antibiotics. However, antibiotics can not be very useful for viral infections.

Acute Bronchitis usually reduces the infection within a week. If you have a habit of smoking in Bronchitis, refrain from it. Drink plenty of water. And I'd like enough rest. Continue to save yourself as much from external dust. Keep clean so that the infection does not spread. Use clean clothes and sheet pillows.

It is very important to live healthily without having to depend on drugs only to get rid of the problem of Bronchitis.

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