Biscuit increases the risk of disease like cancer!

Do you know, this biscuit can bind a serious illness such as abnormal obesity, diabetes and cancer?

cancer cause biscuits

'Tea' means tea with biscuits. We wake up in the morning  and take a biscuit with tea, all day long, we eat many biscuits. But do you know, this biscuit can cause abnormal obesity, diabetes and even cancerous diseases such as cancer?

According to a report published in a US newspaper, Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention, additional biscuits can bring to severe hazard. According to US physicians and researchers, biscuit means vitamin supplements during periods of flour. There may be constipation problems due to decreasing fiber during the preparation of flour. Not only that, due to excessive consumption of alcohol, the weight gradually increased. It has been claimed that eating excessive amount of biscuits increases the risk of 'endometrialcancer' a lot. A study lasted for 10 years, more than 60 thousand women in Sweden suffer from stomach disorders. Most of the victims have the habit of consuming extra-biscuits.

cancer biscuits cause

According to experts, the excess of trans fat is biscuits, which in turn increases the amount of bad cholesterol in the blood and the abnormal rate of weight. Due to the excess of this trans fat, the risk of diabetes and heart disease is increasing. Not only that, allergic problems may arise in regular eating biscuits. Suddenly, blood sugar levels may increase. Sweden's Karolinska Institute seekers claim that eating excessive biscuits increases the risk of women becoming pregnant with cancer or tumors.

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