Betto Bangalee

In the words 'Betto Bangalee'! Rice and Bengalis have a long-standing relationship that does not break despite the medical restrictions. At the time of playing rice, fear of being fat. The greater the love of rice, the more weight! The fatty, the upper part of the embryo, if one does not eat rice at all, it should be 'soil' all day. However, according to the nutritionists and experts, there are many nutritional qualities which are very rich in our body-health. Let's know about this in detail.
1) Oil made from bran oil or rice is very beneficial for our heart. This oil contains plenty of anti-oxidants which helps keep our heart healthy. In addition, cholesterol is controlled by cooking this oil regularly.

2) There is a large amount of carbohydrate in the body which provides plenty of energy to the body. Although carbohydrate levels are high, it is a low fat, low sugar diet. So rice is very beneficial for our health.

3) One idea that many of us have in common is that the chances of thickening of raising rice increase a lot. But in reality, like all other foods, there is no possibility of fat being able to eat a certain quantity. Nutritionists report that 100 grams of gram contains about 100 grams of calories.

4) There is no cholesterol and sodium in the diet. So those who have hypertension problems will benefit if they can eat a certain amount of rice.

5) It is a complete misconception that rice will become fat by playing it. Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Vitamin D, Niacin, Vitamin B1-Thiamin, Calcium, and Fiber, are rich in vitamin A. Therefore, the amount of rice required for the balanced diet will be small.

6) Rice is absolutely free of gluten-free food. Many people do not tolerate gluten foods. According to nutritionists, rice is a 'non-allergic' food.

So, take rice fearlessly if you love to eat rice. :)

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