How to delete several mail at a time instead of one by one

Whenever we logged in in our gmail account and want to concentrate our important mail we have seen that instead of our desired mail many of many unwanted mail take spaces in our mail box. Most of them are unimportant mail. Some are the fake mails. 

We everybody wanted to delete it. But most of us delete it in a wrong way. We select one by one and delete it. And move on to next page and select one by one and delete it. But it is a very lengthy process and some time we getting bored.
One very simple process makes it very easy. How?

Follow the simple steps:

Step -1

In your mail page find the Search mail option.

Step -2

Type:  is:unread in search mail option.

Step -3

Now you have find all your unwanted unread mail in front of you.

Step -4

Now select all and delete all.

Step – 5

Clean the trash now.

This is the very simple process to delete many unwanted mail at a time instead of one by one.

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