Is your health makes everybody jealous?

Is your health makes everybody jealous?

What Is Health?

To understand about the importance of maintaining health we first have to know the definition of health. What is health? Why is it so important in our life to maintain it! Health is not a word actually. Health is a concept. Everybody has their very own view to define that concept. For someone its just a number like either zero or 36-24-36. Another person define health as six pack body, well-built biceps or chest. For somebody its just a good physic with well fitted clothes.  Others can define it as a body that can eat all what a mind want to eat. For a person who is severely ill or dependable health is just to do his very own private needs like pooping, peeing, taking food, getting ready or sleeping all by himself or herself. Isn’t it?

Is your health makes everybody jealous

Why You Should Take Care On Your Health?

So, we can say that health is a very mysterious concept so depending upon the needs one can define health as well as maintain it. It depends on many things like age, need, social structure, education etc. Health is a very valuable factor in life. A healthy body can relieve you in doing various kinds of work and busyness without problems. Because by having a fit body, of course it will produce a soul of peace and a balanced feeling. Paying attention to health is very important for everyone and triumph will also be beautiful if accompanied by a healthy physical and soul.

How You Maintain Your Health?

You are a school going kid or a college student you just need to maintain a completely different lifestyle to maintain your health. You may or may not be regular gym goer or fitness freak but you should eat clean and exercise daily (at least 40 minutes a day). You should have a protein rich diet along with home made juices and salad dishes. It will not only make you healthy from inside it will also alert at the same time. Eating so much junk foods can make them sluggish.

Which Kind Of Food You Should Take.

If you are a house wife or a working woman you need to pay attention about your diet too. Your diet should contain iron and fiber rich foods. Make milk your best friend. Please don’t survive on left over foods and foolds that is extras on others plate. Pay attention to your dishes, your needs. In this way you can help your family in far future. Please don’t save money now for your future medical bills. Don’t buy dresses or jewelries too much buy a treadmill or an elliptical bike. Invest smartly in exercise and diet. your smartness and intelligence can turn your health from health to wealth.

Is your health makes everybody jealous

What to do?

Now a days young genies invest too much in beers pasta, pizza, burgers. I am not saying to stop them or leave them completely. I am saying to balance it. Do it on your cheat day. Don’t do crush dieting or over gyming. Don’t starve yourself or take easy ways like steroids to meet your goals. Mind that there is no such ways to meet goals quickly. Work hard. Work consistently. Have patience. Take proper diet and wait for the big day. When everybody see you, follow you, clap for you or talk behind you. Enjoy these jealous fellows.

Prevent Your Age:

So all I want to say is that maintaining health is not only good for your body but also for your mind. It releases stress bursting and feel good hormones. Lower down the level of bad cholesterol and works as a anti aging factor. You feel confident, look younger.

Is your health makes everybody jealous

Improve Social Status:

Another way to maintain health is to have a good relationship between human beings. Having a good relationship between people, certainly affects our health. When someone has things with you, for example. Surely it will have an impact on his mind, his heart, thus leading to his physical health.

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