How Red Key USB – Always Protect your personal data from Cyber Criminals!

How Red Key USB – Always Protect your personal data from Cyber Criminals!

Before you dispose your personal computer, make sure to securely and permanently destroy personal data so that it does not get into the hand of strangers. Red Key USB helps you to get rid of personal data in a way that none can recover them.

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Red key USB addresses the problem of your personal information being discovered when a computer is disposed of. Personal information or “data” as it is known, can easily be retrieved from computers. In many cases - even after it's been deleted. Before you dispose of a computer you should make sure it has been sanitised of all data.

Why it is Popular:

1.            Very easy to use - just plug to any USB port and the erasing process is initiated.
2.            Looks like any USB device.
3.            Secure erasing algorithm.
4.            Free 16GB "Bluekey" supplied with every Red key.
5.            Doorstep delivery.

Never hand out your old computer without securely destroying your personal data. Red Key USB does it for you without stress.

Red Key USB Price: Around Rs.2000/-

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