No more wait. The world's first 'first-person network' has started working since today, but not for everyone. Everyone cannot use this network right now. Only some people in certain areas of the United States will get the benefit.

Verizon said, some residents of Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles and Sacremonto region will get the benefit of '5G’ Home Home Subscriptions.

Although a few days ago experimental phableg smartphones have been used. But this is an important occasion for Verizon. The company has not only defeated US competitors in commercial pivots, but Verizon has also emerged as the single Internet supplier worldwide.

However, the desired pace and coverage of Fiji will have to wait several more years to get it. From now on only the service has started. Verizon will keep the speed of the fizzies at home to 300mbps. They will increase their work improving with them for a while.

Those who will be part of the First Fawzi will get 90 days free services. Where Apple TV Four or Google Chromecast Ultra and three months free YouTube subscribe opportunities.

After three months, Verizon will charge $ 70 a day for home-based home-based subscriptions. And if you are already a member of Verizon, then you have to pay 50 dollars. Verizon has charged a monthly charge of $ 30 as a phone plan.

Also, Verizon will provide their customer service in 24 hours. They will answer any questions, including the necessary equipment to set the line. There is a separate section on the website of the waiverjee.

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