Why 50M Facebook users compromised and why they deleted their account ?

It was announced yesterday 50M accounts were compromised with the ability for the hacker to take over accounts.

According to Facebook, if your account was compromised you were logged out immediately and notified. I have my doubts that all of them were notified or even properly identified. But this was the last straw for me, I rarely ever use Facebook and my only interest in Facebook is 3D printing groups, maker groups, and occasionally sharing stuff with family and friends.

image source: google.com
Your account is scheduled for permanent deletion.

Facebook will start deleting your account in 14 days. After Oct 13, 2018, you won't be able to access the account or any of the content you added.

To cancel the deletion of your account and retrieve any of the content or information you have added, go to Facebook.

For what little I use it, I just don't see the point of taking the risks with my security or privacy. Recent reports have confirmed Facebook has been using two-factor authentication details to sell your phone number to advertisers as well as using shadow contacts.

Shadow contacts are when your friend uploads their contact list (usually with the mobile app without your permission) and your account is linked through association to identify your phone number.
I have noticed my unlisted phone number gets a ton of telemarketer calls in spurts. I won't get any calls and then I'll get 5+ a day for a week or two, then it dies down. I'm starting to think it was likely Facebook that is responsible for this happening.

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