Do you know how, who and where was the world's first hand Sanitizer Made?

Do you know how, who and where was the world's first hand Sanitizer Made?

Now, of course, many people have learned about the ways of making hand sanitizer at home. But 50 years ago, this was not easy.

To prevent spreading COVID-19 hand sanitizer is a good option. But hand sanitizer has not been seen in the shops these days. But in such a critical situation, it is very important to have a sanitizer at home.

However, there are some ingredients near our hands that you can make at home with disinfectant fluids. It can easily prevent coronavirus infection. Now, of course, many people have learned how to make hand sanitizer at home on social media. But fifty years ago that was not so easy.

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History of Hand Sanitizer:

Lupi Hernandez, a young American woman, had accidentally created a hand sanitizer.

While working at a private hospital in California about fifty years ago, Lupi noticed that using alcohol or glycerin with gel, the fluid produced by it can easily be destroyed germs. Like soap that works side by side. The name of the apparel in the medical language is hand sanitizer. From here the path started at the present of this liquid.

The road to making the sanitizer was not smooth either. The limitation of Lupi's use of this standard formula was limited. The common man wasn't even aware of this, which left Lupi worried. Shortly afterwards, Lupi Hernandez brought the issue of hand sanitizer to the public through a television program.

Pharmaceutical companies in the US have used this formula to bring a new medical commodity to the market. Whose demand is currently touching the sky. It is strange to think that this remarkable discovery by an ordinary nurse is being spread across the world today. So on that day Lupi Hernandez's name is remembered.

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