Do you know people in which blood group are more at risk of being infected with corona virus?

Do you know people in which blood group are more at risk of being infected with corona virus?

So far, the total number of corona viruses in the whole world has been affected by 4,71,417. So far, the virus has killed 21,295 people. The number of people infected with the virus is increasing in India. So far in India, the number of corona virus cases has reached 664 and 12 have died.

Panic is increasing all over the world. As the number of victims is increasing, on the one hand the number of dead is increasing. Italy and Spain have the highest number of deaths after China. The virus has also spread to various countries around the world. Research on how to prevent this virus is being carried out in every country around the world.

But do you know which blood group people are most affected by this virus?

We all know the virus was first detected in Wuhan province, China. Even the death of the world's first coroner-infected person there. A group of scientists have studied the victims. The research has come as a surprise. Studies have shown that people with blood group A are the most affected by this coronavirus. Not only that, scientists say that the blood group of the group is likely to be infected in the coming days. This study shows that most of the people who have been infected with the virus and those who have died are blood group A.

blood group affects in corona virus

Scientists, on the other hand, say that the risk of being infected with virus in the blood of A. And low risk of blood in the O group. That is, those whose body contains blood in the O group have a much lower risk of being infected with this deadly virus. The study was conducted only on Chinese victims. Therefore, scientists from other countries have not yet agreed with this theory.

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