Street Food Are Very Testy But Is It Safe All Time? A BIG QUESTION?

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In my todays blog I am going to share with you a topic about Street food and its bad effect.

We all like street food very well. Just Street Food dekha aur muh me pani aa geya!!

High Calorie : We already know this that the street food are very energy-dense (150-607kcal/100g) and trans-fat varies from 0.1 to 18.8g/100g.

It May be Cause of Cancer: These street foods are fried at very high temperatures, for quick frying, to produce large quantities. The Street Food Maker Repeated use of oil for deep frying makes it go past their smoke points, which contain a large quantity of free radicals which contributing  to risk of cancer.

High Glucose spiking: Almost all the street foods have their main ingredient as Maida. It has a high glycemic index, so it increase out blood sugar, and promotes fat storage, besides it surely increasing your risk of diabetes & heart disease.

It has Microbial Count:  And the top most the street foods are really unhygienic use of unsafe water and exposure to street pollution, are just few of the things that increases the number of bacteria in the plate.

So, next time be aware when you take street food!

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