Most shocking images ever now

#1 Julia Popova In Russia

The 22 year-old lady was walking home from work when she was stabbed in the back of her neck by a mugger..look here
image source
#2 Don't Worry, Relax..
Thankfully this is just the result of wax figures after a 1925 fire at the Madame in London.
#3 Victims Of Hiroshima: WWII

When Americans dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima on 6 th august, 1945, victims instantly vaporized where they stood, and the intensity of the nuclear blast left their permanent shadows behind.

#4 Keith Sapsford (1970)

The young Australian was only 15 years-old when he hid in the wheel of a Japan Air Lines bound to Tokyo after being in Sydney. While the plane took off, an amateur photographer "unwittingly" snapped the teen as he plunge-feet to his death.

#5 Photojournalist, Olivier Laban-Mattei

This disturbing journalistic photo was 1st prize of General News Stories and World Press Photo in 2010-11.

#6 Photo-journalism & Famine

The horrible perils of Sudan's 1993 famine was captured at a feeding center .

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