How long should you wait between exercise sets?

A common question is everybody's mind who are going to gym for weight loss or weight gain that what should be the time gap between two sets?

time gape between two sets

If you are a beginner and you want to lose weight and you are able to lift dumbbells of 5 kgs then 1 to 1.5 minutes gaps are enough for you. As you are lifting light weight. And you are a beginner Your muscles will get tired quickly and then you will need more rest to recover your muscles .

And If you are lifting heavy weight and your body muscles are habituated to lifting heavy weight then 2 minutes gaps in between two sets are enough for you. As your body muscles are habituated  and your body muscles are less tired than before. And for this muscles are recover its energy quickly.

weight lifting for weight loss

If you want to gain weight then the most important thing is your daily diet chart. Drink small amounts of water when you exercise. Protein diet is necessary before and after workout.  Eat egg white. If possible take whey protein. If you are vegetarian then take protein rich vegetarian food. There are lots of protein rich vegetarian food available. Eat plenty of fiber foods. Avoid sweets and fast food.   

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