Raw Food Diet For Weight Loss

If you can’t live without fast food, sodas, junk food and a big thick steak, this mode of eating isn’t for you. Alternatively if you want to feel the best you’ve felt in years, possibly weight loss and solve a wide variety of health issues, read on.

What is a Raw Food Diet?

A raw food diet is a mode of eating that gets back to nature. Your food choices encompasses essentially all fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds preferably organically grown and not heated above 118 degrees F.

raw food diet

I’ve heard many people complain that the preparation of raw food based meals, means spending all day in the kitchen. If you love cooking and want to spend all day in the kitchen or if you are determined to concoct a raw food based meal that duplicates the meals you’ve always enjoyed, you could easily spend all day in the kitchen. Personally I prefer to keep it simple and am totally happy eating fresh fruit for breakfast, a big salad with a large variety of greens plus whatever other veggies I have handy and maybe even avocado or apple wedges for lunch, and a wrap made of a large lettuce leaf wrapped around whatever sounds good for dinner. Snacks are veggie sticks dipped in fresh pico de gallo or hummus, a piece of fruit or some nuts.

Another misconception many people have is that if they want to eat a raw food diet, it is all or nothing. Actually, if you can gradually add more and more raw foods into your diet replacing some of the less healthy alternatives before long you will probably be eating 80-90% raw foods.

Some of the benefits realized by people moving to a raw food mode of eating include:

Increased Energy
Decrease in Hunger
Better Mood
More Restful Sleep
Better Stabilized Blood Sugar Levels (if you are diabetic and taking oral meds or insulin it may be necessary to decrease the dosage.)
Clearer Vision
Regular Bowel Movements (2-3 times a day!)
A Desire to Eat Healthier Foods
Weight Loss
and the list goes on.

We will cover all of these topics in much more depth over time.

Eat healthy, Exercise regularly and Enjoy life!

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