Why India Needs Lock down

India Lock Down:

So at those first minutes of Wednesday morning, India imposed the earth’s largest anti coronavirus lockdown. For the next 21 days, no one across the nation is permitted to leave their house except to go to get food or drug or to find the physician. In the televised speech, Prime Minister Narendra Modi told that is what required to keep every Indian. ‘Most of the people’s coronavirus instances are considered to be people who travelled overseas or had communication with somebody who did. So in addition to this lockdown, the Indian government is also directing anyone it suspects of getting this virus— especially incoming travellers —into required 14-day isolation. This welfare Ministry says there are some 60,000 beds for isolation in facilities it’s made up in university campuses and military barracks across this nation.

why India needs  lock down

Why India Needs Lock down:

From the first day doctors and researchers announced that corona virus contagious. It mostly spreads human to human. If one person already infected with corona virus and the infected person anyhow contacted any non infected person, there is a big chances to spreading the virus to a non infected  person and so on. At first it will spread person to person and then community to community. Infection may be spread thru local train, thru local market, thru office, thru doctors chambers, thru anywhere. As  we don’t know who the person is already infected by deadly COVID-19. As India is a danced population country and its medical status is not too big. It is very difficult to control before spreading and after spreading situation. So, it is very essential to Lock Down country like India.

Need public Awareness:

Not only lock down, India needs a big public Awareness. 30% of the people, even don’t know what is Corona Virus and how daring it will be.  Why we need to wash our hand frequently? Why it will stop before spreading?

Lock Down is a great decision by Indian Government:

To protect the general citizen of India, Indian Government took the right decision for lock down. At least 70% people maintain the lock down and rest 30% will maintain after seeing 70% of the people. And spreading the awareness across the country it will take some time. As only social distancing can control the COVID-19. And in that time may be some good resulting medicine invented in this lock down period and stop the spreading of deadly Corona Virus.

An Italian doctor said, if the Indians knew what Corona was up to, they wouldn't even look out the window.

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