How is deadly coronavirus (COVID-19) makes home in your body and affected lung day by day

How is deadly coronavirus (COVID-19) makes home in your body and affected lung day by day.

Corona virus (the deadly virus) so far infected more than 220,780 lakhs innocent people. So far, the virus has killed 8,978 lives. The number of people infected with the virus is increasing per hour around the word.

We all know now the basic symptoms the Corona Virus affected people like breathing, fever, headache, sneezing and cough. But how is this virus nesting in the body? Which way the deadly virus infection is spreading? Let's find out in detail.

coronavirus (COVID-19)

A group of researchers at the University of medical researches of UK claims that the infected people’s cells are infected with coronavirus infection. Infection spreads to other cells around the virus, which bursts molecules. The infection quickly spreads to the bronchiole tube. This time the throat and dry cough begin. As the infection progresses, the virus's molecules gradually spread to the mucous membrane of the lungs. Infection spreads from the peripheral part of the lungs to the trachea above the airway. Oxygen deficiency occurs when the infection spreads to the lungs. And for this reason, removing of carbon dioxide from the body does not work properly. As a result, various organs of the body gradually become weak and dull.

Investigations of the infected individuals showed that mild, sebaceous lining was found in the peripheral part of the lungs in the lungs. As the infection increases, the lining becomes thicker. According to expert doctors, the virus does not show any symptoms for about a week, even after it has been taken home. As the infection progresses, the sudden onset of fever, cold, cough and headache from day seven. Therefore, experts advise, everyone should be alert in advance, without waiting for the virus to spread. As the virus is continue to spreading then it is very difficult to control for spreading and it became a life taking virus.

So do not panic. Do not hide. If any symptoms you have find in your body. To not waste your time. Take proper medical treatment in proper time. As it you take proper medical treatment, it may save your valuable life.

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